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Braiding protects the hair from things like split ends, breakage and dryness caused by abrasive daily habits and exposure to the elements. Knotless braids look like they're growing out of the scalp and are created by adding small amounts of hair to the braid as you go to create a sleeker look. There's no knot at the start of the root. Knotless braids can prevent traction alopecia. Knotless braids last anywhere from 2 week for jumbo size and up to 8 weeks for small size depending on the size of the braids.
Brazilianknots is a hand tied strand by strand extension technique. Brazilianknots are suitable for all hair types and textures. It is recommended getting the same texture extensions as your own hair to get the natural look. Brazilianknots is one of the safest hair extensions method as no glue, tape or heat is used. Brazilianknots can last 2 months for fine hair and up to 4 months for thick hair
Superior edgez braid lounge owner RenĂ©e is a experienced braider that braid your hair into a intricate, protective styles with no tension while protecting your edges and hair line. Superior Edgez Braid Lounge also provides brazilianknots extensions, one of the safest extensions. 

            Knotless braid

Increase knotless braids to waist length $ 75 ( 90 minutes)         

Increase knotless braids to butt length   $ 125 ( 2hr 30m)              

Jumbo Knotless Braids  $150 ( 3 hrs)
Large Knotless Braids   $200 (4 hrs)
Medium Knotless Braids $250 (5 hrs)

            Stitch Feedin Cornrows 

2 stitch braids $75 1hour 30 minutes 
Jumbo Stitch Feedin Cornrows 4-6 $125 2 hours 30 minutes 
Large Stitch Feedin Cornrows 8-10 $200 4 hours
Medium Stitch Feedin Cornrows 12-14 $275 5 hours 30 minutes 

         Natural hair Style

Natural Hair Styles 
Wash $25 30 minutes 
Braid Down/Take Down/Detangle start at $50
Kids Braids upto age 10 $75 1 hour 30 minutes 
Men's Braids start at $60
Natural Hair Braids start at $75
Brazilianknots half of head or 2 bundles of hair $350
Brazilianknots full head or 3 bundles of hair $500

         Add Ons

Scalp Scrub $25
Add Beads $25
Add Designs $50
Add Boho/Goddess Style $50
Add 1 Layer of Feedin Cornrows $75
Add 2 Layers of Feedin Cornrows $150