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 Diabetic Pedicures

(Diabetic Pedicures)

So what is a Dia-Pedi™?  What makes it so special?

Diabetics have different needs than a regular pedicure client due to the complications that Diabetes can bring about.  But just because someone is diabetic doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to safely enjoy some of the finer things in life……like manicures and pedicures.  In order to enjoy these wonderful relaxing services, however, there are a few things that the nail professional needs to be aware of, and a few precautions that need to be taken.  Dia-Pedis™ take all of these special needs into consideration.

Diabetes can lead to various other medical conditions such as; thinning of the skin, peripheral neuropathy, blood clots (which means taking blood thinners), poor circulation leading to longer healing times particularly in the feet, and susceptibility to infection to name a few.

Dia-Pedis™ address these issues by the following:

Pre-Service Consultation – by asking many additional questions before a service is performed the proper products and steps to be used during the service can then be determined.  This Pre-Service Consult is provided for EVERY first time pedicure client and then every 3-6 months thereafter in case of changes in the client’s health.

No Scrubs – due to the thinning of the skin a diabetic is more prone to skin tears.  The use of scrubs could be a potential problem since many times they are just too abrasive and even the mildest of scrubs can lead to minute skin tears that could cause infections and other problems.

Lower Water Temps – neuropathy can result in a couple different problems….the feet will be hypersensitive and too hot water temps would be uncomfortable and painful or the feet will have a loss of feeling altogether making it difficult for the client to be able to tell if the water is too hot.  By using lower water temps (luke-warm) both of these issues are addressed.

No nipping/cutting of skin tissue – Two reasons for no nipping…..First, since there may be poor circulation in the feet if the skin is nipped too deep it creates the perfect entry into the client’s system for infection to set in.  Second, if blood thinners are taken the tiniest little nick can cause bleeding. NO CREDO BLADES ARE EVER USED!!!! Not only are credo blades banned in the salon, they are dangerous when used improperly and should only be used by a physician.

Very little use of a foot file if any at all – There may be times that a foot file must be used in order to SMOOTH (not remove) rough edges of calluses.  However, special attention and care must be used if a foot file is utilized during a service.  Thinning skin, susceptibility to infections, possible use of blood thinners all pose as risks if a foot file is utilized so extra care and attention must be used.

No deep massage of the feet and legs – due to the possibility of blood clots this step has been eliminated from the Dia-Pedi service.   Massaging runs the risk of throwing (dislodging) blood clots that may be present – either known or unknown – causing further complications for the client.  In addition, due to the possible thinning of the skin over-manipulation can also cause skin tears.

Single Use Implements – Not all of the implements are single use.  Metal implements are sanitized AND disinfected after every use.  However, items such as files, buffers pedicure bath liners, etc are all single use and are thrown away after each client. These steps help to insure that infections (including fungal infections) are not passed from one client to another. jets to harm the delicate skin tissue.  No jets to harbor bacteria.
Personal Implement Kit Option – ALL clients have the option of purchasing a kit of metal implements that would only be used on them with each of their visits.  The cost of this kit is only $35 and includes nippers, cuticle pusher, foot file and toenail clippers.  Every implement is still sanitized and disinfected after each use.  The difference is that rather than being used on another client they are stored in a clean, dry, closed container and used ONLY on the client who purchased it.  It is stored in the Treatment Room ready for the client’s next appointment.

Last but not least is the extra set of eyes for the client’s doc – During every Dia-Pedi™ (and other pedis) careful inspection of the feet occurs.  Insurances only cover so many visits to a podiatrist or physician for foot care/maintenance.  It is not only cost effective for a diabetic to come in for a Dia-Pedi, but it also serves as an additional set of eyes for the client’s physician.  Dia-Pedis™ provide the client with a way to keep an eye on the health of their feet.  Many times serious issues can be avoided with regular Dia-Pedis™ since the feet would be regularly inspected for any suspect changes.  Everything is documented during each visit.  Anything out of the ordinary, or changes from the last visit, are reported to the client and they are referred to their physician.  I do not diagnose or treat as that is left up to a physician.  Anything suspicious is referred to a physician. 

·         Take care of your feet…….schedule a Dia-Pedi™ TODAY!!!

I hope you have found this information to be helpful.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have